Giving Fathers a New Start

The Horizon EAGLE Fatherhood Program is Horizon Outreach’s hallmark Program. Since 2011, the Horizon Eagle Fatherhood Programhas served over 8,000+ fathers by providing them with evidenced-based programming that teaches healthy relationship & healthy parenting education as well as resources to increase their economic stability. Horizon Outreach realizes the presence of fathers in the lives of their children make a tremendous difference in a child’s ability to do well in school and to flourish socially.

Through these interventions, over 93% of fathers report their relationships have improved with their children and significant other. The majority of men who complete the program receive case management services and housing assistance.

In addition, 98% of the fathers leave with additional workforce certifications that assist in creating a career pathway to employment.

Historically, over 62% of the fathers who complete the program obtain sustainable employment with wages average pay rates ranging between $17 – $19.00 per hour and more. 

Horizon Outreach works collaboratively with other community agencies to assist fathers with their needs.

The father’s gain a sense of camaraderie as they share experiences peer-to-peer support groups that foster interaction and development.