Horizon Outreach’s mission is “Giving Everyone A New Start.” We accomplish our mission by providing programs that decrease the effects of challenging life situations on the family by: increasing self-sufficiency, increasing employment in career positions; providing workforce training, increasing access to permanent affordable housing and ensuring overall stability of the family unit.

Our services have proven beneficial to the community as evidenced by the 11,560 individuals and families connected to resources and services since 2010. This number includes over 3,560+ military families.


To increase the potential of families through the offering of comprehensive programs that provide housing, employment services, life skills training and other supportive services.


  • To restore self-sufficiency and promote self-esteem among our clients.
  • To provide resources that will aid in transitioning our clients back into society.
  • To increase access to permanent and affordable housing for our clients.
  • To prepare our clients for career positions with employers.

Our Values Establish “CREDIT” with our clients and the community.


Commitment to the Client and Community
Respect towards Clients
Excellence in delivery of programs
Dignity towards others
Integrity in operations