Horizon Outreach needs your help to support our mission of “Giving Everyone A New Start.” We have done GOOD work in the community to build healthy families. However, we want to do GREAT work to build healthy families!

Horizon Outreach’s website content clearly reflects our commitment to serving a diverse population and to helping everyone gain a new start. At Horizon Outreach, we are innovative in our approach to providing relevant services that truly enable our clients to gain self-sufficiency and build healthy relationships with their families. We believe in equipping individuals and families with the resources and tools they need to be successful.

Horizon Outreach is currently working on initiatives that will strengthen our delivery of service, enhance the overall client experience and ensure we offer only value-added services to build healthy families.

In order to accomplish these tasks Horizon Outreach needs your continued help and support.

Each day, we encounter military families, single mothers, single fathers and individuals who are in need of housing, financial assistance, job readiness skills and other key tools to maintain or gain self-sufficiency.

Since 2010, we have connected over 1,700 individuals and families to resources within the community.

Due to funding, Horizon Outreach’s hallmark program, The Horizon Eagle Program alone was responsible for serving over 348 military fathers. This year alone we have been able to connect over 68 families to housing and over 70 of our fathers have received employment due to workforce certification incentives we offer for completing our programs. As a result, these men are now able to provide for their families.

The Horizon Eagle Program and our other programs need your generous support to produce results for families.

Every dollar you donate will go towards funding programmatic activities that increase our client’s ability to provide for their families.

Will you join us by making a monetary donation to support our programs and ensure that we are able to continue providing a valuable service to the communities we serve?

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