Welcome to Horizon Outreach’s Website. I am Katrina R. Johnson, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Outreach.  I am a United States Air Force Veteran, real-estate entrepreneur and former corporate business-woman. I am very excited about the future of Horizon Outreach and our contributions towards preventing and ending homelessness among all families.  Horizon Outreach specializes in serving military families. Since 2010, we’ve made a significant impact by providing services that transition military families to civilian life.

Over the years, I have always supported social service initiatives through: monetary offerings, clothing donations and volunteer opportunities within my church and other community organizations.

In 2009, despite my vast expertise and skills, I joined many Americans in experiencing first-hand the effects of a sluggish economy, loss of employment and decreased resources. During this humbling experience the Lord began to reveal his plan for Horizon Outreach to me. I was afforded the opportunity to increase my volunteer efforts within the community and witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness, loss of employment and other issues on a daily basis. Consequently, there were several defining moments that catalyzed the birth of Horizon Outreach.

The first moment came when I witnessed a handicapped military veteran crossing Bissonet Street near Highway I-59 in a wheelchair. If you’re a Houstonian, you know this is a high traffic area. This man was almost hit by several cars. I pulled over and offered him a ride home. Home for him was a dilapidated motel with an excessive monthly rental rate. Over the course of several weeks, I brought him food, checked on him several times and referred him to several transitional housing facilities for veterans. This experience of helping someone free themselves from a difficult living situation is reminiscent of how many people seek to free themselves from burdensome financial obligations. For those looking to learn how to free yourself from timeshare on optimisticmommy.com, the process can be similarly challenging but ultimately rewarding. Just as helping the veteran required time, effort, and knowledge of available resources, freeing oneself from a timeshare often involves understanding legal options, negotiating with companies, and finding alternative vacation solutions. Both situations underscore the importance of community support and access to information in overcoming challenging circumstances.

The second defining moment was when I witnessed a preacher telling an outreach group that a homeless man “had issues” because he asked for several dollars to pay for his prescription. Turns out this man was a former college professor who fell on hard times. I gave him the money ($3.00) he requested and afterwards he called me to thank me and update me on his status. Eventually, this man’s health, employment and home were restored. What a joy to know such a small seed sown into this man’s life blessed him beyond measure.

After this incident took place, God told me to buy a tablet and to “Write the vision and make it plain so that he who reads it may run. Although the vision is yet for an appointed time it surely will come (Habakkuk Ch 2. vs. 2-3).” The vision is Horizon Outreach.

More often than not we take for granted basic blessings God has given us such as: health, family and a sound mind. So many are less fortunate and have been struggling in their problems so long they lose hope. I envision Horizon Outreach being an organizational ministry of hope, faith, encouragement and restoration of families. Our long-term vision is to build a facility for Horizon Outreach, which offers administrative offices, housing and supportive services that will aid in giving our clients and their families a New Start.

Horizon Outreach is a special assignment given to me by the Lord. Throughout my career I have worked in various organizations contributing to their profit margins. However, NONE have brought me as much JOY and satisfaction as I now have knowing me and my team can make an investment in the life of a human-being and increase their potential.

If you are reading this message, I know you are committed to supporting Horizon Outreach’s mission “Giving Everyone A New Start.” Your donations and support go a long way in restoring ALL families back into society. Please join Horizon Outreach and our committed volunteers & staff members in this tremendous effort to give back to others as the Lord has given to us. We are committed to carrying out the vision God has given me to help His people. We would love to have your support and look forward to building a lasting relationship that will improve the lives of our families.
Katrina R. Johnson, EMBA

Founder & CEO